Traditions & Trivia
Are we set in our ways or what? And here are a few things you didn't know or may have forgotten.

Date PostedTitle
April 10, 2010 Navy and the Earring 
May 13, 2005 Friday the 13th 
December 20, 2003 Over the Threshold & Other Newlywed Type Stuff 
January 19, 2002 Odds 'N Ends 
November 15, 2001 Bible Trivia 
October 17, 2001 A History Lesson 
August 30, 2001 We've always done it this way... 
August 15, 2001 The Piano 
August 10, 2001 The Organ 
August 7, 2001 Weather on the Wedding Day 
May 21, 2001 The Bridal Gown 
May 4, 2001 The Groom's Cake 

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