Gardening Tips
Gardening tips from John Acuff, Country Lawyer

Date PostedTitle
April 6, 2008 Its spring again  
September 28, 2005 one of each 
July 13, 2005 multiply your plants 
March 27, 2004 DOT is the secret to being a happier gardener 
September 17, 2003 12 lessons from a country lawyer/gardener 
April 30, 2003 If you plant it take a picture of it 
April 18, 2003 Warning, Check the plants you buy 
April 6, 2003 A Few tips from an older gardener 
March 16, 2003 Awesome, All the Catalogs in one place 
January 1, 2003 Tennessee Gardener's Guide A treasure and a Joy 
December 7, 2002 Great wild flower catalog on line 
October 16, 2002 the lawyer & the rose (picture) 
October 12, 2002 Here Come the Catalogs 
March 9, 2002 It is time to start gardening 
February 11, 2002 Review of Gardening magazines 
September 6, 2001 Let the frost take care of the weeds 
August 3, 2001 The no digging way to have a new garden bed 
August 3, 2001 All the Plants you want free 
June 22, 2001 Your Daylilies may be at risk of a new disease 
April 13, 2001 Dividing Plants 
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